The Dog Messiah

Have questions about our exclusive training programs? Great, we have questions for you as well! ​


We believe every and any dog benefits from the grace, the theories, and laws that govern the success of The Dog Messiah. But, not every family has the ears to hear the truth and the way. The evaluation will make you also consider if ANY training place is worth it. Most are not. 




Just as only ONE of the TEN people JESUS HEALED came back to thank him so have most of the people who couldn’t afford to train elsewhere but were accepted by The Dog Messiah, with discounts, payment programs, extensions to programs at no cost, etc have done with Erwin. Very few appreciate the works, the acts, the effort taken with the dogs. His time is now only freely given to less fortunate shelter dogs that have no master. Please do ask about many of the homeless dogs he knows personally if you’re looking to adopt.



As For Me And My Kennel  - We Will Serve The Lord


Erwin has no master - if you’re looking for a training program that will make your dog know you’re the master, move along. This is a Faith-Based program that includes the benefits and potential hazards of field trips, dog parks, beaches, concerts, gunshots, fireworks, great effort, and even miracles. Extraordinary results require extraordinary effort and Erwin Valderramos is The Dog Messiah. Your dog having experienced the grace, the law, and the promise will listen to you above all because they will have a DEEP trust that YOU understand the situation better than anyone and therefore will act upon that FAITH & sin not. Training to the dog is in all forms: positive, negative, the ambiguous terms in between, shaping, force-free, and force me too. We do ALL things.


Above all, we believe strongly in habituation. The more days a dog is exposed to training, therapy, pack play, pack dynamics, the various theories, and laws we live by the longer the effects last and knowledge therefore ingrained. If you can afford to, then we invite you to test him. 



Come Test Me And See


If you can’t afford to train then believe it’s not worth doing so and take it as a call to action! You ARE the Operant Power and let no one worry or frighten you. You can research, learn, seek and you will find. Watch the YouTube channel! Learn The Good Word Theory and how you’re operating it whether you realize it or not!  If you have faith in the speaker and can afford to make the pilgrimage, then test him. Come test me and see if I will not open the window of Heaven and pour a blessing so great you won’t have room in your dog's kennel to receive it. Test Him; Erwin is faithful. 



Give Unto Ceaser What Is Ceaser’s And Give Unto God What Is God’s


Real World Dog Training Is A Luxury. If an investment in your dog is something you can comfortably afford then please move forward with the Evaluation process and Erwin will reach out to you as swiftly as his hand allows. 


“You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing, and dance, and write poems, and suffer, and understand, for all that is life.”

― Jiddu Krishnamurti