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The Dog Messiah

Come To Class

Did you know….? 

Many behavioral issues can be helped with a $30 phone consultation. These are not for obedience training, those require a hands-on approach, so consider attending classes with your dog! We are in the League City area, minutes from downtown Houston. 


Bringing your dog to us for class is the most affordable way to train to your desired level.  There are many benefits to bringing your dog to us for a class, including socializing with our training dogs. 

Classes are offered in bundles of four; set as you need. 

  • one class a day for four days

  • one class a week for four weeks 

  • one class every other week for 8 weeks 

  • one class a month for four months

Classes are offered in a bundle of four, only $500

Here are a couple of videos that will give you a good feel for our wonderful proprietary training techniques! There are hundreds more videos of these classes on our YouTube channel, check them out! 


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