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The Dog Messiah

Training Philosophy

The most effective way to start is with our theories. 


Whether you are committed to doing it yourself or not, the first step is embracing the easy-to-follow fundamentally sound training laws and theories which are the foundation to The Dog Messiah’s worldwide success! These two videos are a great place to start and just two of hundreds available on our YouTube channel. Please do subscribe, like and, “paw” the bell so you won’t miss a single upload! 

This video is a MUST-WATCH for any and every dog owner!

Building upon those great theories and laws, the next video is essential in understanding the mindset needed as a successful pack leader!

If you’re interested in having a personalized training program check out the other tabs! 

If you’re feeling empowered to train your own dog then consider watching more of our videos to help guide you and your dog through the solo training journey! 


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